Tips for Adding Variety to Your Workouts


Have you been spending a bit too much time on the sofa lately? The side effects of a sedentary lifestyle include high blood pressure, a growing waistline, chronic fatigue and onset diabetes. Have you been feeling lethargic, listless and lacking in motivation? This can strongly impact so many areas of your life beyond your physical health. A sedentary lifestyle can begin to affect your relationships and job. It’s understandable to be over whelmed by the near constant barrage from nearly every major media outlet about crash diets and extreme exercise regimes promising rapid weight loss and fitness.  The only way to achieve true wellness is to get back to basics and slowly develop healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable. Follow these recommendations from wellness experts to get back on track. The side effects of a healthy life style include increased energy and stamina, lower blood pressure and weight loss.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality athletic shoes form the huge selection available from Merrell. Your feet will thank you. Start by committing to taking a brisk walk for at least thirty minutes each day. If you’re at a loss for time or are not quite ready to dedicate thirty minute blocks, breaking this down into two fifteen minute workouts is just as effective. Don’t focus on speed or distance but focus on developing a healthy habit of daily walks. Within a few short weeks you’ll begin to feel an increase in energy and strengthening of your muscles.

After a few short weeks, begin to add bursts of speed to your walks. Ramp up your speed for two minutes every five minutes during your thirty minute walk. This will serve to burn more calories and boost your metabolism. Jazz up your walks by bringing along a friend, your earbuds with your favorite tunes or move your walk to various neighborhoods and venues. During the course of your day, park away from the front of stores, take the stairs and take every opportunity to walk and move. Best of luck to you.