10 Benefits of Face Acupuncture for Beauty and Health

Currently, acupuncture may already be one method of treatment and alternative health that much-loved by the world community. Besides being caused by the price of medicines and also the cost of the hospital is very expensive, acupuncture can also solve many health problems.Acupuncture Clinic in Walnut Creek, CA is one of the best clinics in acupuncture.


Acupuncture for Treatment

Acupuncture is the art of traditional Chinese medicine that uses emphasis on certain body points to drain positive energy. Has the utility to nourish and also cure the symptoms of the disease for women.

Currently, it has been popular acupuncture methods on certain body parts, such as:

1.The sole of the foot

  1. The chest
  2. Stomach part
  3. The back
  4. The face

This is in line with theories about the center of the body, which is spread on almost all parts of the body. Not just in the brain.

Usually, acupuncture is done by using pressure at a point-specific point by using a kind of needle implanted on the skin. In addition, there are also some other techniques, namely acupressure similar to acupuncture, but is accompanied by massage on certain body parts.

Acupuncture on Face

As the name implies, when in facial acupuncture is one method of treatment that much-loved. Facial acupuncture focuses the part and region of your face as acupuncture points. These acupuncture points are scattered throughout the face and have a positive effect, not only on the face but also on all the organs of the body.

Acupuncture on the face has many benefits, especially for beauty and also the health benefits of organs. What are the benefits? Here are the benefits of facial acupuncture:

  1. Brighten the face

The first benefit of facial acupuncture is to keep the brightness and also to brighten the face. What you will get after doing acupuncture on the face is the face feels fresher and will give a bright effect on the face and also will add charm to the face.

  1. Maintain healthy skin

The benefits of facial acupuncture health can help you in maintaining the health of your skin, especially facial skin. The positive energies that enter your facial skin will cause healthy facial skin. In addition, the pores of the skin will also be more optimal in absorbing all forms of nutrients and vitamins are good for skin health.

  1. Cleanse the face

With a healthy skin that is maintained, the face will always look bright, and also always looks clean and charm. That means your face will be clean from stains and black spots and acne scars on your face.

  1. Relieves dizziness and headaches

Acupuncture since antiquity is often used as a means to heal and treat dizziness and headaches. Certain points on the face can stimulate the nerves to become more relaxed, calm, and avoid stress. With this, the headache and dizziness that you experience can be healed by using acupuncture techniques.

  1. Anti-aging

In addition to its benefits to maintain healthy skin, acupuncture is also believed to be able …