Belly Busting Breakfast

Belly Busting Breakfast

Sometimes we all enjoy indulging in a heartier-than-usual breakfast. But it’s important to define more clearly what “indulge” means—after all, there’s a big difference between eating an entire grapefruit instead of half and doubling the amount of sausage links you eat. The point is to be careful with what you eat first thing—especially at restaurants—since the mindset often is “I can burn it off the rest of the day.” Below is just a sampling of the breakfasts that could be disasters to your diet, so if you eat out, stick to healthy foods like fruits and whole grains; that way the most important meal of the day won’t become the most regrettable.

Calories Fat Carbs Sodium Protein
Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee Cake Muffin 660 26g 98g 530mg 7g
Hardee’s® Loaded Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy 1000 75g 50g 2350mg 32g
Jack in the Box® Grilled Breakfast Sandwich 602 28g 52g 1791mg 25g


So next time you decide to eat breakfast at fast food resto, keep this in mind to avoid bulky belly and weight gain.

Why Milk Matters

Why Milk Matters

Did you know that toddlers need about 2 cups of milk products everyday for healthy growth and development? And so it is important to include them as part of your child’s meals and snacks everyday. Dairy foods provide nutrients that are vital for the health and development of your child’s body.

~~ Calcium builds strong bones and teeth.
~~ Yogurt, cheese and milk contain calcium and potassium.
~~ Vitamin D helps the body to maintain proper levels of calcium and phosphorous, which helps to build strong bones. Milk is a good source of vitamin D.

milk benefits

Though my son is already 5 year old, I still give him at least 2 cups of milk a day for I know that it is good for him and his health. I am glad he loves milk. Some kids don’t like it at all. If they only know what they are missing from not drinking milk or eating dairy foods. For me, parents should be strict when it comes to the foods their kids eat. Good eating habit starts at home and parents must a be good example of this!

There is so much more for me to learn about diet and nutrition, and so I recently picked up a book to help me accomplish this goal. I happen to read the factor diet review and thought this is exactly the kind of book that I have been looking for. I have already gone though half of the book and am loving it so far. I learned about milk and some other foods in this book, and so have become more conscious about my use of such foods. I am also learning about what foods are great for strength and weight loss at the same time, and am planning to incorporate more of these foods in my diet.

Everything Looks Great

Everything Looks Great

My doctor’s visit today went well; the lab work result looked great! Everything was fine except the Prograf level in my blood. Prograf is one of the three anti rejection medicines I’ve been talking since the transplant and will probably take for as long as the kidney is working well. My Nephrologist increased the dosage of it from .5mg twice a day to .5mg in the morning and 1mg before bed. Then, I will need to come back for labwork to see /check whether the level is back to normal again…and a follow up visit two months later. Hubby and I together with my fave nurse, Sandy and Dr. Lerman were happy! Yay, my health is improving and I have my energy back! He gave me an Epogen shot though.

Cough and Colds Medication for Diabetic

Cold Medication for Diabetics

I have been coughing every night now for a week; I thought it was just an allergy, but I was wrong! This morning, it was bad because it was couple with a sore throat and runny nose. Thanks to my son who is kind enough to share with me his cough and colds. We are now coughing, but it doesn’t seems to bother him at all; but it bothers me. Anyway, I haven’t given him any medication yet…and I have not taken any myself. I know as a diabetic person, I should be careful for what medications I put in my mouth. Sandy told me that I can take OTC medicaion like Robitussin CF which it is also good because is sugar and PPA free. It has been re-formulated to be PPA free, and now contains pseudoephedrine instead.

Robitussin CF is sugar free and alcohol free. It should be used with caution in patients with high blood pressure or heart disease, and should be avoided in patients on MAOIs. This medication is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. Same thing with Benylin Adult which is sugar and alcohol free, and provides some relief from a non-productive (dry) cough. The active ingredient in this formula is Dextromethorphan. Though hubby told me it doesn’t really going to help suppress my coughing…he thinks…I still plan of going to the pharmacy and bought one for myself. Sometimes, I call my husband a doctor because he has his own opinions with medicines which I don’t usually listen and follow.